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Inspirational speaker, author, motivator and entrepreneur she is the non-profit founder & CEO of Curves Beautifully Empowered. Her passion is to inspire and motivate women to embrace their curves; to see, to accept and soar into their personal awesomeness.

Becca Johnson

Becca Johnson


Becca Johnson, is an image stylist, body confidence coach, speaker, and model. The founder and owner of Becca Jae Styling, she has over 16 years in the Fashion and Wellness industries and a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design & Merchandising. Through her diverse career, she has found her purpose in empowering, uplifting, and loving others by helping them see their uniqueness and authentically express that through their style and wardrobe!


Lorna finn


Lorna Finn, a Georgia native residing in D.C., is an influencer, model, blogger and is the creator of the blog and brand www.cystumofcurves.com. The word “cystum” was derived from the word cyst, a characteristic of PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome); a syndrome that Lorna herself suffers from. PCOS is known to attack the femininity of being a woman, and more importantly, makes it difficult to achieve weight-loss However, instead of letting PCOS get her down, Lorna decided to transform herself and use her syndrome as a platform for inspiration and motivation for others.

Lauren Evette

Lauren evette williams


Lauren Evette Williams is an innovative firebrand that has solidified her spot as a life & style authority in the blogging and influencer space. Often drawing inspiration from the halls of Congress and the Fashion Weeks that she attends around the globe, Lauren Evette always makes a fashion statement. Her editorial and street style looks can be found on her blog, DC Fashion Blogger, a platform that blends style, political, and feminine culture in a progressive, authentic voice. Her fervor to change narratives is widespread, as she has served as a spokesperson for a former Interim Chair of the Democratic National Convention and counseled elected officials, political leaders, executives, and personalities.


myhriah young


Myhriah Young is the She.E.O. of the G.A.L.S. Community, the Signature Self Specialist, and a Lane Bryant Personal Stylist. She loves helping women fully discover who they are & how they add value, creating intentional community of support and fun around them.

Britta Tabor

britta tabor


Britta Tabor is not a blogger or even an influencer; she is a change agent. Britta’s journey is to help women find their true and authentic self by knowing, who and who's they are from the inside out!!! Through her faith and fashion, Britta’s purpose is to help women know, when they shine, they give others permission to do the same. Teach women how to think outside of the box for different clothing options and offer fashion advice to those that feel their eye for fashion is a bit blurred.


dinisha mingo


Dinisha Mingo is the CEO and Founder of MHS Behavioral Services, Inc. MHS, founded in 2016, is an organization that provides outpatient mental and behavioral health services to children, adults and families who experience depression, anxiety, trauma and addictions. Dinisha’s purpose is to serve and she believes in servant leadership. Dinisha’s goal is for everyone to leave her presence better than when they came. She strives to do this by walking out the mission she has for herself and MHS. That mission is to BE THE CHANGE.

Dee Moore

dee moore


Dee Moore is the founder of the Fashionable And Thick Foundation, a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower and inspire plus-size and big and tall individuals to be their best selves through addressing how to overcome body obstacles and developing strong, body-positive advocacy for all. Along with consulting with the board of the Fashionable And Thick Foundation on its daily operations and seeking ways to consistently educate society on the effects of fat shaming, she also contributes to the plus community in many ways. Dee is also a proud and active member of the ALPHA PI ZETA SORORITY INC. The second founded plus size Greek Organization, where she currently holds the seat as chapter president for the Houston area. Dee is always willing advocate and share the gift of empowerment with women, men and children of size.

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Curves Beautifully Empowered is a 501c3 non-profit whose mission is to empower women to embrace their curves; to see, to accept and soar into their personal awesomeness.




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